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Our firm handles a wide range of intellectual properties including patents, trademarks and designs, both in Japan and overseas, and can firmly respond to other work including disputes and contracting issues in a one-stop manner in alliance with Kuzuwa Law Office.

IP prosecution & management (both in Japan and overseas)

  • Identifying and investigating inventions, patents, utility models, trademarks and designs
  • Filing applications and helping prosecution for IP rights before JPO Examiners
  • Appeal to JPO Board of Appeal against Examiner’s final rejection 
  • Appeal against JPO formality decision based on the Administrative Appeal Act
  • IP management services
  • Translation of IP documents, etc.

IP-related disputes

  • Third-party observation
  • Opposition
  • Invalidation Trial before JPO Trial Board
  • Non-use cancellation trial and Unauthorized-use cancellation trial against Trademarks
  • Appeal to IP High Court for cancellation of JPO Board of Appeal decision or Trial Board decision
  • Infringement litigation before District Court and/or IP High Court, warning letters and/or negotiations vis-à-vis infringements
  • Countermeasures against counterfeit products (procedures for injunction at customs, responses on websites, warnings, etc.)

Expert Opinion, Licensing, Consulting

  • Freedom to operate (FTO search and report)
  • Expert opinion (Appraisal) on validity/infringement of IP rights 
  • Preparation and review of license agreements, joint application agreements, assignment agreements of IP rights, etc.
  • Preparation and review of employees’ invention regulations
  • Proposal of IP strategy

IP services related to Regulatory Affairs

  • Filing patent term extension applications and helping their prosecutions; Filing Invalidation trials against registered patent term extensions 
  • Advice on acquisition, defense and attack of regulatory-affairs-related IP rights
  • Advice on regulatory procedures from IP perspectives